A Busy Mom’s Guide to Healthy Foods for Any Situation

Eating healthy is a challenge in a society filled with McDonald’s, steakhouses, mall food, and diet scams. As if that’s not hard enough, add in the fact that most of us aren’t able to cook all of our meals from scratch every day.It can be challenging to follow a nutrition plan that isn’t made for your circumstances.

Sometimes, if you don’t have the right information, it can seem impossible, like healthy eating can’t work for you. Instead of trying to mold your life around your nutrition plan, why not create a nutrition plan around the realities of your life? There are ways to succeed in any situation if you know the right tricks. Here are a few examples. If you want guidance for your situation, message me. I create plans for the most difficult situations and can hold you accountable too.

At Work

All workplaces are different, with some providing daily meals and others not even having a fridge and microwave for employees to use. Here are some suggestions that can work in various situations.
Nuts and seeds – ideally raw or lightly toasted/dry roasted yourself in advance. Check the ingredients!
Dried fruits – figs, raisins, dates. These are calorically dense, but also nutrient-dense and healthy in the right amounts.

Check the ingredients for added oils, preservatives, or sugars.
Salad greens and veggies. Keep them in the fridge. Keep extra virgin olive oil and apple cider or balsamic vinegar in the pantry or your desk.

Throw pouches of wild-caught tuna or salmon on top for protein.
Raw veggies (celery, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc.) dipped in hummus, guacamole, plain (dairy or non-dairy) yogurt, or salsa.

Super Busy at Home

Sometimes cooking takes a lot of time, but not much work. If you’re going to be home, you can prep something quickly and then go about your day while it sits on the stove or in the oven.


1-Saute garlic, onion, and/or ginger in a large pot.
2-Dump roughly chopped ingredients such as meat, beans, and sturdy veggies into a large pot. Even better, buy them pre-chopped if you can.
3-Add liquid, such as tomato puree, stock/bone broth, coconut cream, or water. Add enough water to cover everything.
4-Add sea salt and herbs such as thyme, bay leaves, cilantro, or rosemary.
5-Simmer (a few small bubbles) for at least an hour, stirring occasionally.


1-Dump meat or fish on a greased pan.
2-Dump veggies in a pan. Toss in avocado oil, or any oil with a high smoke point. Make sure veggies with similar cooking times are together.
3-Add desired seasonings, such as sea salt, garlic, onion, ginger, rosemary, thyme, peppers, or cumin.
4-Roast at 400-450 F (205-235 C) until the desired doneness.

Eating Out

It can be hard to stick to a healthy diet when eating out. What to eat depends on your dietary needs, but here are a couple of options that are safe for most people.
Sushi restaurants often have multiple clean options. Many also have whole grain rice and vegan options. Depending on your needs, be careful with spicy rolls, crunchy rolls, and tempuras.

Grilled meat or fish with veggies. Most restaurants offer something like this, even if you have to modify a dish on the menu. You can ask for no sauces or oils, depending on your dietary needs.

If you’re vegan, look for nuts, seeds, and legumes, which will help to fill you up better than the typical vegan options at a non-vegan restaurant (basically, garden salads).

Out with No Healthy Options

Here are some of my favorite healthy snack recipes that are small and travel well. These can be made in large batches and frozen to bring along when you need them. They’re calorically dense so you don’t have to eat much to be on track

-Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bites

-Brownie Dough Bites

-Banana Pillow Bites

If you don’t have time to prep, try:
-Nuts and seeds
-Dried fruit – raisins, figs, dates
-Clean bars made with whole foods, such as RxBars or Truvia The Only Bars.
-Put single servings of clean protein powders in zip locks and mix them into a water bottle.

The key to eating healthy when life is against you is patient persistence. Experimenting to figure out what works for you and for your unique situation is a process. If it doesn’t go smoothly at the beginning, that’s normal. With time, you’ll find what works for you.

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