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It was the summer of 2016 and my son, Eric, was one. I was working nine-plus hour days at a job that was an hour and a half away from my home. After work, I’d stop by my family business where I handled behind the scenes matters. The business was failing, just as my marriage to its other founder had failed a couple of months earlier. I would check in with employees, pick up my son, and take the hourlong trip home. In all, I left home before 7 am and returned between 9-10: 00 pm. I’d put my son to sleep and then, when I finally collapsed, grief over my divorce and the recent death of my brother would hit me like a rock. But I didn’t have time for grief. I used meditation to get myself to sleep quickly so I could do it all again the next day.

Everyone experiences rough patches like this at some point. It’s a cruel joke that when you most need the mental health benefits of working out you’re least able to make it happen.

Ironically, my business was a gym but I have never had less time to work out in my life. (I know what you’re thinking. I tried. He tried to crawl up a steep staircase and I ended up throwing my back out as I turned and yelled “No!” while holding an 80lb barbell.) I don’t have family nearby, and my local gym doesn’t have a babysitter. Occasionally I could take him out in the jogging stroller, but not consistently. Sometimes I could work out at home or at the family gym, but not enough to achieve the results was used to. I was stuck.

If you have young children, there’s a good chance you face challenges like this every day. It’s not about “making time”. That assumes we are currently wasting our time with less important tasks. It’s also not about “pushing harder” or being more disciplined. Of course, you do have to push yourself and be disciplined, but most parents are already doing the best you can and you’re burnt out. What you need are the tricks that I know, and that other fitness pros know, so that the time you manage to carve out for fitness has as big an impact as possible.

The turning point for me came when I gave up trying to do what I had always done. I went back to the drawing board, thought of everything I knew about exercise science, and reimagined how it could be applied in creative ways that fit the realities of my life as a busy mom. Soon, I hit personal records in strength and running, and was wearing my pre-pregnancy bikini.

Once I saw the results this regimen got me, I tested it with busy mommies around the world. On average they saw results within 2 weeks, such as weight loss, increased strength, lost inches, higher energy, reduced stretch marks, better agility, and bonding with their kids! I knew I had to share these powerful results with the world. That is how The Super Busy Mommy Workout was born.

Now, I would like to share these incredible results with you! My Hard Core Routine is designed to get you stronger and looking leaner in just one week with 6 minutes a day. Try it now for free and see how The Super Busy Mommy Workout can multiply your results.




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