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Most people begin a new diet something like this:

1. Figure out what foods they can no longer eat.
2. Look up healthier replacements for those foods that fit within their new diet.
3. Eat those replacements and be miserable.

There’s a better way. (Thank God!)

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5 Simple Strategies to Stay on Track When School Starts

Surely you want to be at the top of your game physically and mentally as you navigate these next couple of months.  You want to be the calm, centered parent your kids can lean on like a rock.  It would be great not to feel like a zombie as you rush your kids out the door in the morning, or at your wit’s end as you juggle multiple homework assignments.

However, understanding the value of self-care doesn’t magically make it possible.

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Fitness Tips

This is a cheat sheet of high-leverage and up-to-date fitness advice. You will gain something new each time your goals and needs change.

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The Dominant Narrative For MOMS

Most moms don’t care about real fitness from the inside out.  They just want to lose weight, look better, and maybe have more energy. But there are other moms, too. There are moms who care about fitness performance.

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Plan Your Whole Body Resistance Training Like a Pro

Periodization is a systematic way of varying your workouts. Below is a standard way to periodize your resistance training regimen. Modifications for busy moms follow.

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What is the best time of day to workout?

With all of the exercise tips being thrown around, it’s worth remembering the basics. The most important factor in getting results from your training regimen is to actually work out.

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No pain, no gain???

If you experience any of the following, you are probably pushing too hard or not recovering properly which will Reduce YOUR RESULTS! Here are Some guidelines for healthy individuals.

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The Weight Control Factor Even More Important Than Diet

No, it’s not exercise or genetics. Those are less important for most people when only weight control is considered. When you see my answer you might want to stop reading, but hear me out.

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Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Thoughts And Feelings

We all have embarrassing thoughts and feelings sometimes, ones that moral, rational people supposedly shouldn’t have. The challenge is to deal with them in a healthy way.

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YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. But if you did believe you could do it, what would you do? It-is that thing you fantasize about and the technically possible but feels impossible.

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