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Extreme Prioritization for Single Mom Life

It’s easy to talk about prioritization in our life, but people often don’t take it far enough.

Not everything will get done. We got that.

However, when your life reaches a certain level of craziness, sometimes even the things that are normally non-negotiable can’t all get done.

At this point, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do it all and allowing things to fall through the cracks unintentionally. We feel less guilty if we at least tried.

However, it’s more effective to consciously choose what won’t get done, even if it’s painful. I call this “extreme prioritization”.

When it’s all important but there’s not enough time, I ask…

Will this matter tomorrow?
Will this matter next week?
Next month?
Next year?

What I don’t do:

  • Beat myself up about it
  • Compare myself to others
  • Think there’s something wrong with me
  • Complain about how unfair it is
  • Pity myself when I have to deal with the consequences of whatever I chose not to do.

It’s your life. It’s your family. It’s your choice. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Choose consciously.

I’m currently offering a 5-star single mom program used by single moms all over the world in order to help them live a healthy, fruitful life as I do

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A Rebellious Single Mom’s Audacity to Dream

One of the biggest obstacles I see to happiness for single moms is that the idea of being happy as a single mom seems so far-fetched.

How could a single mom have the AUDACITY to strive for anything other than survival, being a good mom, and finding a husband?

How dare she???


How about we flip that idea on its head?

✅ The BEST way to be able to survive the demands of single motherhood is to take care of your health and manage your stress.

This will help you to handle more responsibility with a clear head and make wiser decisions.

It will also make you feel more energetic and…happy!

✅ One of the best ways to be a better mom is to go from being a burnt-out, stressed-out mom with a fuse the length of your baby’s fingernail to a HAPPY, patient, and centered mom.

Besides responding better to your kids and being more emotionally present, you’ll model for them how to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

✅ Being happy is SEXY! It attracts people who are also happy and grounded. If you want to find a partner you can live a happy life with, being happy yourself is a great start.

So if it seems selfish or entitled as a single mom to strive to LOVE your life, know that it is in fact a great way to help you get the things you’re striving for now.

Except for a much more pleasant path. ❤️

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I Am Not Damaged Goods

We single moms don’t have to buy into the popular narrative.

I’m not broken.
I’m not a victim.
I’m not damaged goods.

My life isn’t a pile of misery.

I don’t cry myself to sleep every night wishing I had a husband.

No, this isn’t what I had hoped for.

Yes, it’s hard.

Guess what? Everyone’s life has its own challenges. They’re not always as visible to the outside world as single motherhood is.

I take responsibility for my role in creating these circumstances – which is not the same as blaming myself or ignoring the role others played, by the way.

Taking responsibility empowers me to take control of my life and circumstances instead of being a victim to random events and other people.

I am creating a life that I love. Yes, even as a single mom, though there shouldn’t be a need for that disclaimer.

I am going after my goals and making dreams come true for myself and my son.

I’m cherishing these years as a single mom.

When the right person comes along, I’ll cherish my time in a relationship.

Whatever the universe throws at me, I’ll find a way to create a life worth cherishing.

PS: Ask me how to reap the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle even in the toughest situations, when you need it most 🙂

Oh and by the way, I’m offering a high-quality program for single moms around the world so that they’re healthy both physically and mentally. Why not check it out 😉

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How to Make Major Lifestyle Changes When You’re Burnt Out & Overwhelmed

1-Choose small action steps that take minimal effort but help you FEEL better.

2-Once you feel better, you’ll naturally want more. Gradually add more small changes as you continue to feel better.

3-When you fall off the wagon, get back on without judgment. It is part of the process.

4-Stay consistent. Don’t be an inspiration junkie, jumping to another program/regimen when the first one isn’t new and exciting anymore.

It’s that simple.

However, it’s not always easy to know which small actions will actually get enough results to make you feel better. After all, there’s a lot of money to be made selling easy “miracle solutions” that get little or no results.
Here are a few of my favorite first action steps:

Fitness: 1-minute jumping jacks as soon as you wake up. Once you can do that, keep weights right outside your bathroom and do a set of an exercise every time you leave it, working your whole body over the course of the week.

Nutrition: Make half of your food fresh fruit and non-starchy vegetables.
Stress Management: Try out a variety of adaptogens to find a few that work for you. Use them as levers to adjust how you’re feeling at any given time. Ashwagandha is the most popular among my clients.

Mindfulness: Observe your inner monologue and “reel” throughout the day. Any time you feel uncomfortable, observe what’s happening in your mind and body in detail and without judgment, as a scientist.

While these may seem random, I promise they were chosen carefully after considering how much effort they take, how noticeable the results are, and how quickly they begin to work. I’ve also tested them on myself and seen them work over and over again with my clients.
Over time, these small steps turn into a sprint and we transform in the process.
Not sure how to make a healthy lifestyle work in your tough situation? Pick my brain ???? I love getting messages about this stuff.

If you enjoyed this article, you definitely will find value in the Single Mom Fit to Thrive 30-Day Challenge.

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