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Is Gluten Free Healthier?

It depends. It is estimated that 1% of the US population has Celiac disease, a severe allergy in which the protein in wheat destroys their intestines, though many are misdiagnosed.  For these people gluten-free is not only healthier, but the only way to avoid miserable health problems.

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Why can’t experts agree on nutrition advice?

Do you ever feel like giving up trying to eat healthfully because in a year experts will probably change their minds? Do you ever get confused when some experts claim a food is good, and others claim it is bad? Different foods have different effects on the body.

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IT’S NOT A RACE – Adjustment is Challenging

Any Major Lifestyle Adjustment is Challenging So you got back in your pre-pregnancy jeans in 6 weeks. Or lost 20lbs in 30days. Or won first prize in a weight loss contest. That takes hard work a tons of discipline, and I applaud that.

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The Biggest Mistakes People Make with Sweet Cravings

If you struggle with sweet cravings, try cutting them out completely. The biological aspect of your craving should subside within a few days. Psychological and emotional cravings have to be dealt with differently, but removing the biological aspect should take the edge off significantly.

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The Truth About Cravings

The inspirational moms I work with are some of the most disciplined people you can imagine, making miracles in impossible situations. How can a tiny piece of chocolate be their kryptonite?

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Reasons for Nutrition “Science” Flip Flops.

Reasons for nutrition and effective advice differs based on the goal.  Weight loss, general health, and fitness performance have different requirements.

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