How Single Moms Optimize Their Bodies & Minds When They Don’t Even Have Time for a Breakdown



My name is Nicole Cruz.  I’m a single mom with a demanding full time job and business living in New York City.  I’m here to tell you that it is possible for single moms to take care of our bodies and create lives we love even when we are going through the toughest times.

I’ve been a single mom in NYC for 4 years.  It was hard as hell at first.  When my husband left me two months after I lost my brother, I was at rock bottom. Add in the financial fallout from our gym going under, a court battle to keep my home, and a new high pressure job in the financial industry with long hours, and I was way above my stress threshold.  In the little bit of time I had with my son each day, I couldn’t even enjoy being a mom

I needed my regimen more than ever to fight depression, get an energy boost, and stay sane, but I literally had no time for workouts or meticulous meal plans.  I kept trying (and failing) to do what had always worked for me before.  Then, finally, common sense struck me:  I had to find a new solution that fit my new life as a single mom.

Mother lifting her child at the beach

I couldn’t mold my life around my old regimen, and I wasn’t about to accept a less rigorous one that would get crappy results.  But what if I used my background in fitness and holistic health to create a new kind of hardcore regimen designed around the realities of my life?  I ditched convention and went back to basics: What is needed to create change in our bodies and minds?

I realized that:

  • I didn’t need to carve out uninterrupted time for workouts in order to get fit
  • I didn’t need to measure and track everything I ate
  • I didn’t need time to meditate in order to be centered
  • I didn’t need to prepare meticulous, complicated meals
  • I didn’t need to settle for less than optimal results
  • I needed to optimize every part of my life to have the energy and willpower to make this work

Fast forward to today.  While the world is in crisis, I continue to apply what I learned during my own crisis four years ago – and I’m thriving.  Despite the chaos, loss, and unpredictability of the pandemic, 2020 has overall been my best year in well over a decade.


Today I’m working a high pressure job in finance in New York City  (from home during COVID) while running a business and managing my son’s remote learning. I’m getting hardcore workouts in every day, eating healthier than I’ve ever been, loving the extra quality time with my son, and above all, I feel amazing!

My fast recovery wasn’t because of luck or because I have something others lack.  For most of my life, I considered myself weak.  Resilience isn’t something you’re born with.  It has to be cultivated.


Mini workouts

  • Choose workouts intense enough that you can only do them for about 30 seconds, a minute max.
  • Scatter them throughout the day, rearranging them as needed when life happens.
  • Hit all of your muscles in a balanced way throughout the week.

Keep your diet simple

  • Follow your body’s signs to adjust your diet, rather than measuring and counting.
  • Learn simple, flexible recipes that work with whatever you have in the fridge.
  • Keep healthy whole foods on hand that don’t require any prep, such as berries and nuts.

Ditch long meditation sessions, and make mindfulness a way of life

  • Live in line with your values.
  • Learn how to separate from your emotions without suppressing them, so you can make wise decisions under stress.
  • Practice extreme prioritization.


Let’s face it – motivational memes won’t cut it.  Neither will admonitions to “push harder” and “make time”, or reminders about the importance of self care and stress management.  Single moms don’t need to be told “You can do it!”  We need to be told HOW to do it with all of the obstacles we face.

Innovative Solutions for Single Mom Problems

You really don’t have time.

Make time? I think the fairies that “make time” live in the forest where money grows on trees.  Workouts for this challenge take about a minute at a time and can be woven throughout your day.  Other action steps average 5 minutes. You get time to plan and prepare before having to do anything.

Your kids interrupt you.

Did you know that some exercises get optimal results when done in short bursts with rest in between? Perfect for multitasking!

You don’t want to settle for a watered down program that gets crappy results.

Based on the latest cutting edge research, I’ve created a regimen with high performance, results oriented workouts that you can weave throughout your day. Don’t save time by watering down your regimen.  Save time by overlapping it with your life, so you don’t need to carve out more than a few extra minutes a day.

You don’t have access to fitness equipment.

I don’t have anyone to watch Eric while I go to the gym, and NYC apartments don’t have enough space for a home gym.  You don’t need equipment for this challenge.  The optional equipment I suggest takes up virtually no space.

Mom working out at the park

You don’t have to cope with tough times like everyone else.

Don’t stay trapped…

  • Settling for energy killing fast food that destroys your health and your zest for life
  • Crumbling under stress and feeling scatterbrained all the time
  • Dreading getting out of bed to face the world
  • Ending the day with a bottle of wine and not giving a damn about the consequences
  • Avoiding social interaction because you’re a zombie
  • Being tortured by panic attacks because you can’t handle the constant pressure with no relief in sight
  • Struggling to survive on 4 hours of broken sleep
  • Literally feeling sick to  your stomach because of the uncertainty in your life

If you join this challenge today, my promises to you are:

  • You will love this program or you will get your money back.
  • You will learn sustainable practices that you will be able to take with you for the rest of your life. 
  • Above all, you will be healthier, stronger, and more confident handling whatever life throws at you


Today is the first day in a long time that I’m not feeling completely sluggish,

“I lost over 15 pound with your guidance”

Jules, newly single working mom of 3


“You are better than going to a therapist!”

“Coming from a psychologist it is a lot to say! You have no idea! You rock!”

Denise, working single mom

I had a lot of weight that I need to drop… I’m down 40 pounds total.

Lauren, business owner mom of 3


The program includes

Flexible Hardcore Fitness Regimen

  • Modifications for beginners through advanced (really advanced).
  • Guidance on how to continue progressing after the program ends.

Streamlined Nutrition Guidelines

Plan your own meals with foods you choose

Mindfulness Practices

  • Most can be done throughout your daily life
  • Psych hacks to increase willpower and make new habits stick
  • Advanced stress management techniques

Plus tons of tips and tricks to deal with the most common challenges single moms face

Here are a few things you’ll discover

  • How do you make healthy meals with minimum time and/or money?
  • What can you do if you don’t have uninterrupted time for workouts?
  • How do you separate from your emotions so they can’t control you, without suppressing them?
  • How do you maximize whatever amount of sleep you can get? 
  • What are natural ways to combat the biological side of stress?
  • How can you raise your stress threshold?
  • How do you reduce cravings?


You don’t need any fitness equipment. You don’t need experience. The nutrition regimen centers on real food that you can get at a supermarket, not expensive shakes or supplements. Once you join, the only thing you will have to buy is your groceries.

No. Meal plans are not sustainable because, unless you eat the same meals over and over for the rest of your life, you haven’t learned how to create your own healthy regimen. Plus, how can I provide a single quality meal plan that would work for every mom who signs up? And then what if you don’t like half the food in it? Instead, I teach you how to create your own healthy meals and adjust them based on your body’s response.

The regimen consists of 18 Resilience Habits for fitness, nutrition, and stress management. Each day you’ll receive info and action steps- for example, a 5 minute information video and a task that takes 3 minutes. You don’t have to do or know anything before the program begins. The first week is prep week. You’ll learn a little about the regimen, carve out time and go grocery shopping. After that, you’ll learn and practice the Resilience Habits over the next 10 days. Then, you’ll aim to do all of the Resilience Habits each day for the last 20 days. During this time I continue to provide advanced tips and tricks to help you tweak and perfect your practice.

Married moms and moms in relationships are welcome to participate. Over time, I’ve found that this challenge is great for any mom with young kids who is in a difficult situation. Military spouses and moms with husbands who work crazy shifts often face many of the same obstacles as single moms. Moms facing multiple hardships benefit from the same strategies. Therefore, you do not have to be a single mom to join.

Moms with older kids, dog moms, and women with no kids (or fur babies) are welcome to apply, with the understanding that they’ll have to modify the active play suggestions accordingly.

This program is equally effective for men. However, the Facebook group is only open to women. We post videos of workouts first thing in the morning and right before bed, often in clothes we wouldn’t wear in public. In order to make it a comfortable place to do so, I restrict the Facebook group to women. If you want to join with a boyfriend or family member, they are welcome to participate by email.




Next Group Challenge

February 22 – March 31


  • Daily information, resources, and action steps
  • Feedback and support from Nicole (Super Busy Mommy Coach)
  • Text Nicole your questions
  • Accountability
  • Chance to win prizes
  • Live kick off
  • Exclusive Facebook group for your cohort



Coming Soon! DIY Version

Includes information, resources, and action steps sent daily via email.  Do It Yourself and save!


Pre-Sale $6.75

Be the first to receive it when it is released on March 1st. 


Details Above – Group $97  –  DIY $6.75
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