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Nutrition Advice

There’s a proven way to be impressively fit from the inside out when you’re sleep deprived and constantly interrupted by young kids. 

Imagine doing your first set of pullups since you gave birth – or maybe your first set of pullups ever.

Imagine being as agile as your kids as you play with them at the playground. 

Imagine doing knees-to-chest power burpees as a warmup.

Imagine health issues evaporating as you find the perfect way of eating for your body. 

Imagine having energy and getting compliments on how great you look when you’ve only slept 2 hours. 

Imagine being centered and clear headed amid chaos. 

Imagine looking and feeling years younger, with a radiant glow and tighter skin. 

It is 100% possible for moms in seemingly impossible situations to achieve high levels of fitness and health. 


I’m a full time working mom with two young children ages 3years and 4 months old. I loved this workout for multiple reasons. It allowed me to include my children in my workouts, do my workouts at a convenient time for me & be in the comfort of my own home in a judgment free environment. Vivian

Everyone experiences rough patches like this at some point. It’s a cruel joke that when you most need the mental health benefits of working out you’re least able to make it happen. 

Ironically, my business was a gym but I have never had less time to work out in my life. (I know what you’re thinking. I tried. He tried to crawl up a steep staircase and I ended up throwing my back out as I turned and yelled “No!” while holding an 80lb barbell.) I don’t have family nearby, and my local gym doesn’t have a babysitter. Occasionally I could take him out in the jogging stroller, but not consistently. Sometimes I could work out at home or at the family gym, but not enough to achieve the results was used to. I was stuck.

If you have young children, there’s a good chance you face challenges like this every day.  It’s not about “making time”. That assumes we are currently wasting our time with less important tasks.  It’s also not about “pushing harder” or being more disciplined. Of course, you do have to push yourself and be disciplined, but most parents are already doing the best you can and you’re burnt out. What you need are the tricks that I know, and that other fitness pros know, so that the time you manage to carve out for fitness has as big an impact as possible.

The turning point for me came when I gave up trying to do what I had always done. I went back to the drawing board, thought of everything I knew about exercise science, and reimagined how it could be applied in creative ways that fit the realities of my life as a busy mom. Soon, I hit personal records in strength and running, and was wearing my pre-pregnancy bikini.

Once I saw the results this regimen got me, I tested it with busy mommies around the world.  On average they saw results within 2 weeks, such as weight loss, increased strength, lost inches, higher energy, reduced stretch marks, better agility, and bonding with their kids!  I knew I had to share these powerful results with the world. 

That is how The Super Busy Mommy Workout was born.

The more I know Nicole, the more I am impressed with her knowledge and her straight to the point attitude. WIth her, it gets done. As a healthcare provider, I consider her an expert in the field of nutrition, fitness, and mother's health. Anytime one of my patients is a mother and is dealing with many issues with their bodies and health, I think of Nicole. And I love her brand the Super Busy Mommy Coach. Working with her has truly been an honor. She is impacting the lives of so many women and will impact the lives of many more!!

Dr Zuleta
I Followed Nicole's Program Consistently For 2 Months And Started Seeing Results Only After 2 Weeks. I Loved That I Could Do It At Home And It Will Only Take Me A Short Amount Of Time.


You Can Do This

I was lucky to have knowledge of exercise science in order to figure it out.  Around the world, busy moms like me, who make no excuses and fit in workouts whenever and however they can, are not getting the results their hard work deserves because they don’t know what would work best.  And why should they? That’s MY job as a trainer.  

I got results quickly and comparable to a traditional regimen.  I recruited busy moms from around the world to test it out, and the results were remarkable. They saw incredible results within two weeks or less – weight loss, inches lost, increased muscle tone, higher energy levels, tighter skin, better sleep, reduced stretch marks, BONDING WITH THEIR KIDS.  

I incorporated my nutrition and education backgrounds to make a comprehensive program that addresses fitness, holistic health, and psych hacks, specifically for moms in tough situations like the one I faced. This is when it really began to have an impact.

It’s not about bikini season (thought that’s a bonus!). Busy moms need a program like this to stay sane and crush the demands life puts on us. 

What To Expect

First and foremost, expect RESULTS!!!

Moms who follow the regimen – even just 50%! – begin seeing results within 2 weeks.  They report changes such as:

  • Strength gains
  • Inches lost
  • Increased energy
  • Firmer, more visible muscles
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better focus and mental function
  • Improved cardio capacity
  • Clearer, younger looking skin
  • Weight loss
  • Increased agility
  • Tighter skin and reduced stretch marks
  • Family members adopting healthier habits
  • Bonding with their kids

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30-day money back guarantee

$ 97
  • Includes an app
  • Flexible for moms
  • Quick Results


These are the kinds of results most moms report as they go through The Super Busy Mommy DIY Transformation – busy, sleep deprived moms with no uninterrupted time, just like you!  This program is so successful because every tiny part of it was thoughtfully designed to fit into the life of a busy mommy.


Other programs expect you to adjust your busy life to fit their workout schedule.  This is the only program that applies exercise science to create a regimen that gets optimal results under the conditions most busy moms face.

All workouts are done in short bursts and require rest in between – perfect for constant interruptions!

Then, I teach you how to leverage the opportunities for fitness unique to being a mom with young kids – namely, they love to run around and play!  I teach you how to get the most benefits from active play without ever trying to force your kids to do something they don’t want to. In fact, moms who use my active play tips tell me their kids beg them to work out even when they don’t want to!  My son definitely does the same thing.

No regimen is complete without a nutrition plan.  I guide you through a series of “food experiments” to help you find the perfect way of eating for your body.  You’ll learn how to distinguish between true nutrition science and exaggerated or misleading claims.  

The best fitness and nutrition regimens don’t work if you are too burnt out, sleep deprived, and overwhelmed to stick with it in the long term.  Busy moms need more than motivational memes and accountability groups. Through the app I share advanced psych hacks, mindfulness methods, and habit formation strategies to help you decrease stress, increase your threshold for feeling overwhelmed, and become that mom who makes it all look easy.  

How This Works

Change doesn’t happen overnight, and busy moms definitely don’t have time to learn a new regimen and lifestyle overnight. Online drives full of documents, hours of videos, shopping lists, meal plans, calendars…Yikes! 

That’s why the Super Busy Mommy DIY Transformation program works differently. You’ll gradually change your habits with 1-2 mini action steps each day that build into a full hardcore regimen over the first few weeks. And I mean MINI action steps – often less than 2 minutes, and rarely as much as 10. 

Simply check the app or website twice a day, or tap the notifications.  You’ll see all of the info, resources, and videos you need pop up right when you need them. 

As you learn new workouts, nutrition concepts, mindfulness practices, and psych hacks, incorporate them into your life long term.  I’ll teach you the steps to successful habit formation. You’ll have all the tools you need to make the transformation last.

Workouts are done in short bursts up to 6 minutes.  Stack them, spread them out, or rearrange them however works best for you.

Other physical activity is spontaneous and child led.  The little ones that hold you back with other regimens will now hold you accountable instead!

Cookie cutter, rigid meal plans don’t work.  Instead, you’ll learn how to create your own meal plan centered on foods you like.  

Most importantly, by the end of the program you won’t need it anymore.  You will have learned everything you need to design your own fitness and nutrition regimens going forward, using the same principles that ignited your transformation.

While the success rate for the program is exceptionally high, no single solution works for everybody.  If you aren’t satisfied with the results, or don’t like the program for any reason, let me know and you’ll get a full refund.

Buy Now

30-day money back guarantee

$ 97
  • Includes an app
  • Flexable for moms
  • Quick Results
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