How can you find time to take care of yourself when you don't even have time for a breakdown?

Fight It, Don't Fear It
30-Day Challenge

The climate of the world today is in crisis mode.
We have to fight back against fear of any one of life’s crises knocking at our door.
This 30 day challenge will not only do that, but give you the tools to crush it at your maximum power level.

2020 has brought unprecedented challenges for families around the world – physical, mental, logistical, and financial challenges. That is why I’m looking for badass single moms and moms in other tough situations to join me in a 30-Day Challenge. 

No, it’s not about looking good in a bikini (though that’s a bonus!). Busy moms need a program like this to stay sane and crush the demands life puts on us – whether it’s COVID-19 or any crisis.  

The future will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. I’m getting together a group of strong, empowered moms to support each other in developing key habits to stay fit, healthy, and centered no matter what the future brings.

Here are a few things we will be going over:

  • How do you make healthy meals with minimum time and/or money?
  • What can you do if you don’t have uninterrupted time for workouts?
  • How do you separate from your emotions so they can’t control you, without suppressing them?
  • How do you maximize whatever amount of sleep you can get? 
  • What are natural ways to combat the biological side of stress?
  • How can you raise your stress threshold?

Around the world, busy moms like me, who make no excuses and fit in workouts whenever and however they can, are not getting the results their hard work deserves because they don’t know what would work best.  And why should they? That’s MY job as a trainer.

I shared my methods with busy moms from around the world, and the results were remarkable. They reported improvements such as enhanced mental clarity, loss of unwanted fat, increased strength, higher energy levels, a healthy glow, better sleep, and BONDING WITH THEIR KIDS. 

I incorporated my nutrition and education backgrounds to make a comprehensive program that addresses fitness, holistic health, and psych hacks, specifically for moms in tough situations like the one I faced. This is when it really began to have an impact.

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Here Is What You Get

  • 18 Resilience Habits for fitness, nutrition, and stress management
  • Added to Facebook Group to connect with like-minded moms and participate in the contest 
  • Emails with all info and action steps so you can go back to them any time 
  • Prep Week to set yourself up for success
  • Daily workouts to do in short bursts around your schedule
  • Nutrition guidelines that work with any dietary restrictions and make the biggest impact
  • Mindfulness techniques to practice throughout the day
  • Advanced stress management techniques specifically for single moms
  • Recipe Templates 
  • Tricks for getting fit by playing with your kids
  • Tips for improving the quality of your sleep.
  • Message me at any time
  • Chance to win PRIZES!
This 30 day challenge will help you beat the down side of this crisis and get back to being you. 


Next Challenge Coming Soon


Love It Or Your Money Back!

No other Purchases Necessary

No Equipment, No Shakes & No Supplements Required


  • What do I need?   You don’t need any fitness equipment. You don’t need experience. The nutrition regimen centers on real food that you can get at a supermarket, not expensive shakes or supplements that drain your wallet while padding mine. Once you join, the only thing you will have to buy is your groceries.
  • Do you give me a meal plan? No. Meal plans are not sustainable because, unless you eat the same meals over and over for the rest of your life, you haven’t learned how to create your own healthy regimen. Plus, how can I provide a single quality meal plan that would work for every mom who signs up? And then what if you don’t like half the food in it? Instead, I teach you how to create your own healthy meals and adjust them based on your body’s response.
  • What do I need to do? The regimen consists of 18 Resilience Habits for fitness, nutrition, and stress management. Each day you’ll receive info and action steps- for example, a 5 minute information video and a task that takes 3 minutes. You don’t have to do or know anything before the program begins. The first week is prep week. You’ll learn a little about the regimen, carve out time and go grocery shopping. After that, you’ll learn and practice the Resilience Habits over the next 10 days. Then, you’ll aim to do all of the Resilience Habits each day for the last 20 days. During this time I continue to provide advanced tips and tricks to help you tweak and perfect your practice. 

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