It’s weird having your personal life on blast, but it’s part of the work I do. So, a lot of you know how much my situation has changed in the past few years. I wish I could say it was crypto or options or law of attraction or some cute 3-step method to getting an endless stream of clients, but it wasn’t.

The main things I credit for the quick turnaround are, in order:

  1. My knowledge of holistic health, fitness, and mindfulness practices
  2. Working my ass off
  3. Budgeting obsessively, no matter how painful

That’s it. I’m sure some financially or business savvy person could have done it more easily, but I had to work with what I had.

The only reason I was able to do everything necessary to pull myself out of the situation I was in is because I had the knowledge needed to create regimens that fit my extreme situation. Otherwise, I would have fallen apart physically and mentally. Period.

When life is toughest is when we need the benefits of a healthy lifestyle the most. I hope that the methods I used become mainstream so that other moms in tough situations can enjoy the benefits that I did.

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