IT’S NOT A RACE – Adjustment is Challenging

Any Major Lifestyle Adjustment is Challenging So you got back in your pre-pregnancy jeans in 6 weeks. Or lost 20lbs in 30days. Or won first prize in a weight loss contest. That takes hard work a tons of discipline, and I applaud that. But what difference does it make if it takes 30 days, or 3 months, or even a year, if you get the same results (or better) and they last for decades to come? It’s great that there are fast weight loss options out there for those who want them.  But they’re not the best choice for most people. You might already know these first few reasons, but just in case: 

  1. They’re often unhealthy.  If you want to lose weight fast, see my spoof video on The Coffee Diet – only coffee and kale allowed (plus my super expensive weight loss coffee creamer!).  Clearly, not all things that are good for weight loss are good for your health.
  2. Much of the weight loss comes from water – even muscle sometimes – instead of fat.
  3. You typically crash your metabolism and gain it all right back.  Plans for fast weight loss too often are not sustainable.

 But there’s another BIG reason that these aren’t the best programs for most people. If I wanted to design a one-size-fits-all program that will get pretty much anyone who was actually able to stick to it fast weight loss results, I’d get extra restrictive to make sure nobody is left out. – I’d keep it around 1000 calories. – Cut out everything that can cause inflammation or other adverse reactions, so that people feel great having their unknown food sensitivities eliminated. – Provide very specific food lists and meal prep instructions to minimize user error. Plus, I might as well require my own brand of shakes or supplements, because I don’t get paid when you shop at Whole Foods. 

All of these restrictions aren’t necessary for each person, but since I’m not customizing programs for each person it’s the best way to ensure results. It would be torturous to stick to this program. But if people didn’t follow it then it would be their fault they didn’t get results, not mine.  The small percentage who actually manage to follow through would surely lost a ton of weight. And I would get great testimonials and pics for my marketing materials before they gained it all back. 

WHO WANTS TO BE ON A PROGRAM LIKE THIS??? If you ever tried one of these and didn’t stick to it for the rest of your life, it’s not your fault. These programs give a false impression of what weight loss requires.  I don’t blame people who look at these, and conclude it’s not worth it. A better method: 

  1. Start by only eliminating foods known to be harmful to humans in general. This includes but not limited to processed foods, chemical additives, trans fats, and excess sugar.
  2. Naturally reduce appetite and cravings.
  3. Based on health history and the body’s responses, adjust diet as needed, never being more restrictive than necessary to achieve the desired results.
  4. Use supplements to help with any gaps experienced after adjusting diet as best as possible.

 Any major lifestyle adjustment is challenging. But in the long term this approach feels so good that falling off the wagon feels brutal. THAT’s how you make a lifestyle change sustainable and lose weight. Or get healthier…or gain muscle…or reverse signs of aging for the long term. 

If you’re interested in digging deeper into bioindividual nutrition, I can lead you through a series of food experiments to determine the perfect way of eating for you body. Check out this do-it-yourself course or message “Coach me!” to apply for 1-on-1 coaching

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