Let Food be Thy Medicine

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” Means Dosage Matters

Let Food Be Thy Medicine! Good food / bad food lists don’t work. They oversimplify nutrition science and cause confusion. The lists vary depending on which factors are considered. Conflicting lists make it seem like science can’t make up its mind.

That can’t be further from the truth. Science doesn’t lie; humans misinterpret scientific research.

The truth is that food is like medicine: Dosage matters. Is Tylenol good or bad? The right amount can save your life if a fever is dangerously high. An entire bottle could kill you.

It helps to think of food in the same way. Different foods have different effects on the body. While some nutrition guidelines apply almost universally, others vary between individuals. Even with foods that are right for your unique body, the amount is important. So instead of asking “Is this food good or bad?” it can help to ask “What effects will this food have on my body? How much (if any) is optimal for my body based on its current state and what I will be doing over the next few days?”

I can’t answer those questions for you in a single post, but your journey will be more successful if you start with the right questions. Don’t be led astray by simple yet misleading lists and black and white rules.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine!


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