This is a cheat sheet of high-leverage and up-to-date lifestyle advice. 

Some of these tips are basic and may be familiar.  Others might be new and need to be learned.  Talk to us at your next session about any that you would like support implementing. Revisit these tips often.  You will gain something new each time your goals and needs change.

Stress Management

  • Sleep at least 7 hours most nights.
  • Find a form of meditation that resonates with you and do it for at least 10 minutes a day.
    • Some can be done on the train, in the shower, while waiting in line, or during other routine tasks.
  • Practice gratitude.
    • Yes, we mean practice.  It’s not easy for everyone, but with time it begins to become a habit.
  • Focus on the present moment.

Finding Fulfillment

  • Use your time in ways that reflect your values.
  • Strive for a meaningful life rather than constant happiness.  
    • Appreciate the value of a wide variety of experiences and emotions.
  • Develop close and deep relationships.
  • Contribute to the world in ways you find meaningful
  • Consider that the choice others think is crazy could still be the perfect choice for you.
  • Nurture your spirituality daily.
    • Spirituality can be religious or secular, formal or informal, and is unique to the individual.
  • If struggling to meet your basic needs prevents you from making the changes you need to have a more fulfilling life, make a realistic plan to improve your circumstances step by step, even if it will take many years.  Any length of time is worth it if it means you will not stay in your present struggle forever.
  • Find or create positive opportunities from negative circumstances.

Reaching Your Potential

  • Set goals that include a deadline.  Break long-term goals into smaller short-term goals.  Break short-term goals into manageable baby steps and put them into your calendar.
  • Reflect on all of the “shoulds” in your life.  Either commit to do them by determining the required steps and putting them in your calendar, commit to revisit them on a specific date, or let them go.
  • Be aware of how you use your time.  Reflect on ways to improve your use of time.
    • Accept that some things will have to remain undone, but mindfully choose what those will be.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.  Seek out opportunities that allow you to use and further develop your strengths.

Dealing With Medical Conditions

  • Find a doctor who shares your values.  For those who prefer an MD specializing in holistic health care, look for functional medicine or integrative medicine practitioners.
  • If your doctor permits, lower the proportion in your diet of foods from animals, replacing them with nutrient-dense foods from plants.  
    • In most cases this boosts your body’s natural ability to heal itself.
    • In some severe cases a vegan diet is your best bet.  
  • Only eat nutrient-dense whole foods.  This is no time to cheat.
  • Exercise as permitted by your doctor.
    • Depending on your condition and the activities you choose, exercise can help or hinder your body’s ability to heal itself.
  • Prioritize sleep and stay home from work as needed.  
    • Your body heals itself in unique ways during sleep.

Nurturing Relationships

  • Listen not just to the words but to the deeper meaning, and try to read between the lines.
  • Ask clarifying questions and repeat back in your own words to ensure you truly understand.
  • Use “I statements” and avoid “you statements.”
  • Do your best to understand and validate the other person’s perspective.
    • Often what we most take for granted as being “right” or the “truth” actually varies among individuals.
  • Address concerns before they build into resentment.
  • Treat others as THEY wish to be treated.
  • If it is important to them, make it important to you.
  • Prioritize quality time together, especially experiencing something new together.
  • Don’t expect the other person to be perfect.  
    • The people closest to you will see you at your worst when all of your faults are in plain view. Be compassionate when the tables are turned.

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