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Super Busy Mommy Hard Core DIY Transformation

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All of the elements of a high quality regimen, reorganized to fit seamlessly into the lives of busy moms with young kids. By popular demand, the Super Busy Mommy Transformation is available as a do it yourself course!

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In 90 days, transform your body and your life with a complete fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle regimen. Integrate the regimen into your life step by step, doing it right so it lasts long term.

Conveniently delivered in an app.  Just tap, tap, and go!


  • Comprehensive fitness regimen addressing strength, cardio, and flexibility.
  • Videos to help you perfect your form and customize each exercise for your fitness level.
  • Nutrition regimen, including “food experiments” to find the perfect way of eating for your body.
  • Mindfulness practices to manage physical and emotional pain and discomfort throughout daily life.
  • Daily mini action steps to build your regimen and integrate it into your life step by step. No onslaught of information or drastic overnight changes.
  • Action steps and resources are delivered conveniently through our app, and can also be accessed through our website.
  • Unlimited restarts, because life sometimes throws curveballs.


Week 1 : Prep Week

Set yourself up for success.  Learn about the regimen, carve out time in your schedule, and buy the foods and equipment you will need. 

Week 2 – 3 : Build

Learn the regimen and integrate it into your life step by step.

Week 4 – 8 : Refine

Learn how to customize each exercise for your body, how to reduce your appetite and cravings, how to manage physical and emotional pain, and more.

Week 8 – 12 : Experiment

Try a series of “food experiments” to figure out the perfect way of eating for your body. Learn how to incorporate variety into your regimen.

Week 13 : Become the Creator

Learn how to create your own regimen using the methods in this program so that you never plateau.  Get resources to continue your journey.

 What to Expect

First And Foremost, Expect RESULTS!!! Moms who follow the regimen – even just 50% – begin seeing results within 2 weeks. They report changes such as:

  • Strength gains and Weight loss
  • Inches lost and Increased energy
  • Fimer, more visible muscles
  • Better focus and mental function
  • Improved cardio capacity
  • Clearer, younger looking skin
  • Increased agility
  • Tighter skin and reduced stretch marks
  • Bonding with their kids

You will Need:

  • Adjustable dumbbells or a set of dumbbells. Choosing the perfect weight for each exercise for your fitness level is crucial.  On average, moms need 5lbs-30lbs dumbbells during this program, and progress to heavier afterward. Up to 50lbs or so is suggested for the long term.
  • Access to a pull-up bar once a week.  A doorway pull-up bar is suggested for convenience, but monkey bars at a playground also work. 

Highly suggested:

  • Stability ball
  • If using adjustable dumbbells, second set for drop sets. 30lbs each or more is suggested. 

The program tells you when to order each item and provides links for your convenience, but you are free to shop around for alternatives that work for you. The nutrition regimen only requires access to a typical supermarket – no special shakes, supplements, or exotic foods required. 


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