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Super Busy Mommy Transformation Group

From: $245.00 / month for 3 months

All of the elements of a high quality regimen, reorganized to fit seamlessly into the lives of busy moms with young kids. In 90 days, transform your body and your life with a complete fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle regimen. Integrate the regimen into your life step by step, doing it right so it lasts long term.


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Online coaching is like having your coach and like-minded moms in your pocket! Send pictures of your meals for instant feedback and accountability.  Upload videos of yourself trying a new workout and Nicole will personally check your form.  Struggling to overcome temptation? A quick message and we have your back.  

Best part – it’s all done through social media.  So simple, you’ll have to succeed! 

Option 1: Make your own group of 4 or more people and Nicole will create a private group for you.  You don’t have to be a mom to join. Contact us for custom group requests.

Option 2: Apply for a spot in our next group.  Groups are limited to 10 moms so that everyone gets personal attention.


  • Comprehensive fitness regimen addressing strength, cardio, and flexibility.
  • Videos to help you perfect your form and customize each exercise for your fitness level.
  • Nutrition regimen, including “food experiments” to find the perfect way of eating for your body.
  • Mindfulness practices to manage physical and emotional pain and discomfort throughout daily life.
  • Daily mini action steps to build your regimen and integrate it into your life step by step. No onslaught of information or drastic overnight changes.
  • Action steps and resources are delivered conveniently through a private Facebook group.
  • Option to find an accountability buddy within the group.
  • Personalized advice and feedback within the group.

Everything you need to complete the program is included, except food. The nutrition regimen only requires access to a typical supermarket – no special shakes, supplements, or exotic foods required. 

Week 1 : Prep Week

Set yourself up for success. Learn about the regimen, carve out time in your schedule, and buy the foods and equipment you will need.

Week 2 – 3 : Build

Learn the regimen and integrate it into your life step by step.

Week 4 – 8 : Refine

Learn how to customize each exercise for your body, how to reduce your appetite and cravings, how to manage physical and emotional pain, and more.

Week 8 – 12 : Experiment

Try a series of “food experiments” to figure out the perfect way of eating for your body. Learn how to incorporate variety into your regimen.

Week 13 : Become the Creator

Learn how to create your own regimen using the methods in this program so that you never plateau. Get resources to continue your journey.

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