It isn’t always bubble baths, shopping, and mani-pedis. Sometimes self care means dressing well to match your self worth. Sometimes, it means means hiding the hole in your shirt with a sweater so you can save money for your first investments.

Sometimes self care means taking a mental health day. Sometimes it means working overtime so you can keep your home. Self care can be naps or painful meditation practices. Bubble baths or cold showers.

“Me time” or grind time.

Self care means treating yourself like the valuable human that you are, and treating your health, goals, feelings, and desires as important. Sometimes those come into conflict with each other. Sometimes self care means sacrifice.

My self care might not look like your self care. And that’s ok.


Before I worry anyone, life is good for me now! This post was inspired by the self care advice I’ve been seeing lately, and reflecting on tougher times from my past – but that was years ago. Thankfully everything is great now ?

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