Success Stories!

I followed Nicole’s program consistently for 2 months and started seeing results only after 2 weeks. I loved that I could do it at home and it will only take me a short amount of time.


Working Mom Of A Toddler


New Mom

I love that I can contact her anytime, day or night through phone/email as it allowed me to continue life normally without any extra appointments or time crunches. I started with Nicole to be a healthier me, all around. I wasn’t a super busy mommy when I started the program, just a girl looking for something better. I’m now expecting my first child and I definitely think being my healthiest in years has something to do with our new addition! Thank you Nicole!

We grow together & learn life long exercise routines. My results showed quicker than I anticipated in about a month strength gains weight loss and tone was already noticed! I loved being able to watch my trainer on my tv, smartphone, or computer super easy access no matter where you are ! Video clips make it easy to identify proper form and suggestion for modifications, also nice to have so you can see your results! Suggestions and guidance for better nutrition and instant contact for questions regarding nutrition or an exercise.


Working Mom Of Two

Dr Zuleta

Integrative Medicine Practitioner

The more I know Nicole, the more I am impressed with her knowledge and her straight to the point attitude. WIth her, it gets done. As a healthcare provider, I consider her an expert in the field of nutrition, fitness, and mother’s health. Anytime one of my patients is a mother and is dealing with many issues with their bodies and health, I think of Nicole. And I love her brand the Super Busy Mommy Coach. Working with her has truly been an honor. She is impacting the lives of so many women and will impact the lives of many more!!

I’m a full time working mom with two young children ages 3years and 4 months old. I loved this workout for multiple reasons. It allowed me to include my children in my workouts, do my workouts at a convenient time for me & be in the comfort of my own home in a judgment free environment.


Working Mom Of Infant & Toddler


Full Time Student & Mom Of A Toddler

I cannot say enough good things about The Super Busy Mommy Transformation and Nicole Cruz’s coaching!!
As a full-time college student, part-time employee and a single mom to a busy one year old little girl, my “me” time is limited at best. I came across The Super Busy Mommy Transformation on Facebook a few days before Christmas 2018– this workout claimed high levels of fitness in two 6 minute segments and daily active play with my daughter as cardio. I was truly skeptical at the outset but ready for a change, so I took a chance and dove in.
Two months in and I’ve lost several pounds and more than 12 inches. I have more energy, sharper mental clarity, my skin looks healthier, my aches and pains have virtually disappeared and I’m not winded carrying my daughter up and down the stairs anymore. Not only do I no longer struggle with daily activities like bringing the 5 gallon water jugs upstairs, but my daughter and I also have more fun when we play. This is not a weight loss plan, but a fitness program and a holistic approach to wellness. At my daughter’s first birthday my family and friends kept telling me how fit I look..not how thin or just that I’d lost weight, but how healthy, shapely and FIT. What killer compliments, am I right?!

Nicole has continually provided customized support throughout the program, including nutrition suggestions, mindset tricks, weekly challenges, active play activities, exercise modifications and more. The program is super flexible and EFFECTIVE.

Honestly, it was hard to justify spending money on myself so close to Christmas, but I’m glad that I did… the value I’ve received from The Super Busy Mommy Transformation is something I’d pay double for.

Nicole provides the tools (literally) and imparts the knowledge that you need to see results now and long after the program finishes. If you’re on the fence or think it sounds too good to be true, I encourage you to give it a shot. If you commit to the flexible program and take advantage of Nicole’s wealth of knowledge, you will be thrilled with your results!