The Biggest Mistakes People Make with Sweet Cravings

The biggest mistakes many people make dealing with persistent sweet cravings:

  1. Having a small amount of sweets
  2. Using 0 calorie sweeteners
  3. Using healthy sweetness, such as honey or pure maple syrup
  4. Chewing gum

These aren’t mistakes in all circumstances, but they often backfire. TASTING SWEETS INCREASES SWEET CRAVINGS. Having any of the above can strengthen your sweet cravings over time, and perhaps your appetite overall.

The extent to which this happens differs between individuals. Sugar is addictive (in a technical sense; I’m not comparing it to more dangerous addictions). Just as with other addictions, some people can have it in moderation without it becoming a problem while others can’t.

If you struggle with sweet cravings, try cutting them out completely. The biological aspect of your craving should subside within a few days. Psychological and emotional cravings have to be dealt with differently, but removing the biological aspect should take the edge off significantly.

Any sweeteners, even healthy ones and calorie free ones, are included. Fresh fruit doesn’t usually increase cravings, though it’s possible. Dried fruits often turn on cravings, so try avoiding those as well.

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