It’s easy to talk about prioritization in our life, but people often don’t take it far enough.

Not everything will get done. We got that.

However, when your life reaches a certain level of craziness, sometimes even the things that are normally non-negotiable can’t all get done.

At this point, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do it all and allowing things to fall through the cracks unintentionally. We feel less guilty if we at least tried.

However, it’s more effective to consciously choose what won’t get done, even if it’s painful. I call this “extreme prioritization”.

When it’s all important but there’s not enough time, I ask…

Will this matter tomorrow?
Will this matter next week?
Next month?
Next year?

What I don’t do:

  • Beat myself up about it
  • Compare myself to others
  • Think there’s something wrong with me
  • Complain about how unfair it is
  • Pity myself when I have to deal with the consequences of whatever I chose not to do.

It’s your life. It’s your family. It’s your choice. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Choose consciously.

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