What is the best time of day to workout?

Q:  What is the best time of day to workout?


With all of the exercise tips being thrown around, it’s worth remembering the basics.  The most important factor in getting results from your training regimen is to actually work out.  The second most important factor is choosing the right workouts and intensity.  It should be highly challenging but safe for your level.

The other decisions you make should be with these factors in mind.  How long after eating should you wait before training?  As long as you have to in order to avoid discomfort and be at your best. 

What time of day?  Whenever you are most energetic and motivated.  Should you do cardio or strength first?  Start with the one that is most important or challenging for you, so that you are at your best during that segment.

Don’t misunderstand – for athletes who are already training consistently at the right intensity for their body, tweaking the small details of their regimen can be what pushes them past a plateau or gives them a slight competitive advantage.  For the typical busy person trying to balance training with everything else in their life, it’s most important to just do whatever it takes to fit in time to work out and have enough energy to work at an optimal intensity, progressing as your body adapts.  Once you are already doing that, then you may find it beneficial to experiment with less important variables. 

Remember that research results are based on what works for MOST people.  Experiment on yourself before assuming it will work for you, too.

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